19 Jun

26th SRA-E annual conference

  • Jun 19, 17

SmartResilience project was represented at the 26th SRA-E annual conference in Lisbon, with the presentation "Assessing the influence of smart technologies onto the resilience of critical infrastructures"!


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13 Jun

Project poster in Serbian available now!!!

  • Jun 13, 17

The project poster is available now in Serbian as well.

Click here to download it.

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03 May

New deliverables available for download!

  • May 03, 17

D1.4 - "Database specifications, template for resilience indicators and first version of the RIs database" and D5.1 - "Report on the results of the interactive workshop" are now available for download at the Results page of the official website!

D1.4 summarizes the result of project activities related to providing:

  • the specification for a database that stores all collected and developed Resilience Indicators/Issues
  • the template for resilience indicators and resilience issues (the template covers both required and optional information to be entered into the RI database)
  • the first version of the Resilience Indicators (RI) online database (web application)

The result of this task is the database containing 700+ resilience indicators so far collected from the project partners (Task 4.1).

T5.1's main goal was to agree upon a common approach between the developers of the methodology and the end-users. Practically, it means that the objective of the task was to test it and provide feedback from the end-user on the early version of the methodology developed in T3.2.

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27 Apr

Project poster available

  • Apr 27, 17

The first project poster is available for download, click here.

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19 Apr

April Newsletter

  • Apr 19, 17

The second newsletter of SmartResilience has been published!

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09 Mar

"Report on challenges for SCIs" available online

  • Mar 09, 17

The SmartResilience report on challenges for SCIs (Smart Critical Infrastructures) is available for download at the Results page of the official website. The report discusses the challenges posed by four types of threats -terrorist attacks, cyber attacks, extreme weather and social unrest- on the SmartResilience case studies.

The way this analysis was conducted was by assessing these threats using a 5x5 framework matrix. The two axes of the matrix were phases (understand risks, anticipate/prepare, absorb/withstand, respond/recover, adapt/learn) and dimensions (system/physical, information/data, organizational/business, societal/political, cognitive/decision-making). Each individual matrix block was discussed by subject experts who identified specific challenges and implications for each matrix element and rated its relevance (high, medium, low).

In terms of the results, the system/physical dimension received the highest number of important challenges. Overall, the most important singular element was to understand risks in the organizational/business dimension. The least importance was attributed to the adapt/learn phase.

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17 Feb

SmartResilience Workshop in Stuttgart

  • Feb 17, 17

SmartResilience held a 4-day workshop in Stuttgart in 13-16 February 2017. The consortium discussed, among others, on the next steps on methodology to be followed for the resilience assessment and for the resilience indicators, as well as the way they will be collected, in the context of the SmartResilience project. End-users and research partners have also thoroughly investigated their expert contribution in the resilience indicators, ensuring that a wide range of critical infrastructures (e.g. water, transport, energy, industry) will be covered by SmartResilience.

SmartResilience Workshop in Stuttgart

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12 Oct

SmartResilience meeting in Trondheim

  • Oct 12, 16

SmartResilience partners met on 12-13 October, in Trondheim, Norway. The progress so far, as well as the next steps were discussed. The first results of the end-user requirements analysis and the activities to reach the interested stakeholders -either for each case study or in the more general context- were presented. Discussions on proposed approaches for the resilience indicators and methodologies to be developed, as well as for the dashboard for resilience assessment, were initiated.

smartres meeting trondheim

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15 Sep

Forthcoming Joint T1.3 End User Workshop and WP3/WP4/Steering Committee meetings

  • Sep 15, 16

The forthcoming SmartResilience events will take place in Trondheim, Norway on 12-13 October 2016. First, an End-User Workshop will be held, related to task T1.3 "End Users' challenges, needs and requirements for assessing resilience. Following that, the WP3/WP4 kickoff meetings will be organized to start the tasks related to the derivation of Smart Resilience Indicators (RIs) and to the RI-based methodology for assessing, predicting & monitoring the resilience
of Smart Critical Infrastructures for optimized multi-criteria decision-making. Finally, a Steering Committee and WP leaders meeting will also be held.

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02 Sep

Joint WP2/WP5 meeting

  • Sep 02, 16

On the 31st August and 1st September the combined WP2 and WP5 kickoff meetings took place at the Fraunhofer premises in Berlin. The expert partners (about 20 colleagues from the SmartResilience project took part) discussed  the content of the WPs - that is related to Challenges and interdependencies of Smart Critical Infrastructures (SCIs) and to the application of SCI Resilience in the selected Smart City Case Studies - and planned the way ahead.

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