D1.4 - "Database specifications, template for resilience indicators and first version of the RIs database" and D5.1 - "Report on the results of the interactive workshop" are now available for download at the Results page of the official website!

D1.4 summarizes the result of project activities related to providing:

  • the specification for a database that stores all collected and developed Resilience Indicators/Issues
  • the template for resilience indicators and resilience issues (the template covers both required and optional information to be entered into the RI database)
  • the first version of the Resilience Indicators (RI) online database (web application)

The result of this task is the database containing 700+ resilience indicators so far collected from the project partners (Task 4.1).

T5.1's main goal was to agree upon a common approach between the developers of the methodology and the end-users. Practically, it means that the objective of the task was to test it and provide feedback from the end-user on the early version of the methodology developed in T3.2.

Date: Wednesday, May 3, 2017